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Genie's Help Center

  • This is my first time with NJWeedGenie. What do I do now?
    Check out our menu. Choose your favorite gifts. Make your wish to the genie and fill out your delivery details. Once you complete your wish, you will receive a phone call/text shortly after to confirm your exact wish & a delivery time window. Once your gift hits the road, you will receive a text message with an ETA, drivers name, number, and vehicle they'll be arriving in. They'll then call you when they're outside. Please bring your valid 21+ ID (from any state). Where is NJWeedGenie located? We deliver to the entire state of New Jersey.
  • Is weed legal in New Jersey?
    Yes! Cannabis is LEGAL to smoke in NJ and you are able to possess 6 ounces or less of marijuana and 17 grams of hashish. Cannabis is also legal to gift up to 1 ounce per day.
  • Do I need a medical card to buy weed in NJ?
    No, as of January, 1st 2021, adult use of recreational marijuana is legal in New Jersey. However, to visit an existing medicinal dispensary, you would need a medical card.
  • Do you sell & deliver weed?
    We do deliver weed. Technically we do not DIRECTLY sell weed. We have drivers who have the legal option to gift you up to 1 oz of weed, and this is how your wish is granted.
  • Is there an order minimum?
    Yes. Minimum Gratuity is $110. Free Same Day Delivery To All Of NJ On Orders Made Before 12pm. Orders After That Time Can Still Be Delivered Same Day Depending On Location & Variables. Standard Will Be To Deliver Next Day To Further Locations. Express Same Day Delivery Also Available.
  • Do you offer same day delivery?
    Yes. All wishes made before 12pm will be delivered same day. Orders up to 4:20pm will likely be delivered to all of NJ same day! Areas like Cape May will have a $300 donation minimum.
  • Do you offer next day delivery?
    Yes. Once you place your wish, you will receive a phone call to confirm the time and day of your delivery. Orders placed after overnight will automatically be set for next day delivery and you will receive a call in the morning at latest to confirm.
  • Is there an express delivery option?
    Yes. To some areas in NJ we do offer express delivery. When speaking to a representative make sure to ask if it's possible for your area.
  • Which gift should I wish for?
    Make sure to check the menu. Our drivers favorite strains for gifts are updated there daily, with a description of the gift.
  • How can I get more help?
    You can always contact us online. Most times live chat is available. You can also dial us at 848 828 0533.
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